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iconHere's the scenario: You've been loving and listening to a particular singer/songwriter for a while now. If you could only find a way to share them with all your friends so they could love them too... Solution: Host a house Concert!

icon What is a House Concert?
A house concert is an intimate performance that takes place in your own living room, back yard, or anywhere there's enough room for your guests to sit comfortably. You'd be surprised how many folks you can squeeze into a small space.

Independent musicians have been struggling for years to find comfortable venues that treat them well in exchange for their talent. Audiences have had the same struggle finding venues that offer both comfort and quality of experience. House Concerts are a bona-fide "win/win" for both the listener and the performer. Seasoned House Concert musicians often say they'd rather play to 30 people who really care than 300 who could care less.

iconHere are some advantages and details to hosting or attending a house concert versus seeing a live performance in a public venue:
iconAn intimate home venue provides the perfect listening environment, where the audience is free to converse with the musician, ask questions, and learn more about the music. Audience members get the best performance for their money, without the distractions of background noise, cigarette smoke and poker machines.
iconHouse concerts break down the barrier between the artist and the audience.
iconYou as a host can set the terms and atmosphere for the type of performance you choose.
iconYou can have a pot luck, prepare a dinner, or simply serve hors d'oeuvres. Have your guest contribute a beverage of choice. How about combining the evening with a holiday? Have an ice cream social or a wine tasting event. Just keep in mind it is a concert setting when the music is happening. I mean after all, do you want to wish someone would "keep it down" in your own home?
iconThere's no need for a PA system, stage, or fancy lighting.
Some well-placed lamps or candles create a perfect mood for acoustic music, and illuminate your home space in a complimentary, comfortable light.
iconMusicians play for a suggested donation. Ticket prices can range anywhere from $10-20 per person with a $200 guarantee; The smaller the space the higher the suggested donation. An average attendace is 15-40. The host is only responsibel to cover the difference (if any) between what their guests contributed at the guarantee price. The easiest method is a jar or basket near the entrance as a "low-pressure" method of requesting payment. If desired, the host can also choose to pay the $200 outright, and not fuss with collecting donations from their guests.
iconArtists can promote their music at a grass roots level. I offer my CDs for sale at the performance as well as a sign-up sheet to be part of my mailing list. CD sales are separate from the payment for the performance

It's really that simple. If you would like to host a house concert or would like more information, please click here to drop me an e-mail.

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icon “Nicole Campbell is a musical dynamo. Her music…is beautifully crafted and showcases [her] heartfelt songwriting and absolutely dynamic voice… she truly raises the bar for the singer/songwriter crowd.”
Creative Media
icon “In one cut her voice adeptly conveys equal parts sorrow and strength, an ability which could place her in PJ [Harvey]’s park, while images of Sarah MacLachlan rush to mind on another.”
Anodyne Magazine
icon “Her muscular, graceful voice seemed to be coming from some place deep inside her soul, and arrived as an emotional plea or catharsis. Sparse arrangements and instrumentation put the thrust of delivery squarely on Campbell and she never missed a note.”
The Oregonian
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